I wrote my first story in the 2nd grade. The pages were hand stitched together, illustrated by me in crayon and bound in a wallpaper cover. I still write and illustrate today, though with less wallpaper and crayon. I do it because I enjoy it, because it allows me the freedom to work as I chose and because I am good at it.

I got started with content writing when friends and family began asking for help with their websites and blogs. While they knew what they wanted to say, they didn’t know how to say. That is where I came in. With a bit of research and a lot of listening, I could give voice to their ideas. This helped them improve their web presence and drive more business to their sites.

With a 12-year history in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries, much of my writing has revolved around these subjects. Real Estate agents need fresh descriptions to catch buyer’s attention and helpful information to give seller’s confidence in their ability to close the deal. The mortgage industry, in constant flux since the 2008 housing crisis, needs distilled information on complex subjects. My knowledge and experience allows me to provide both whether in my freelance or corporate work.

While I enjoy writing about what I know, I love writing about what I’ve just learned. Research and investigation into something new to me is always exciting. When writing for a client in a business I’m not familiar with, that excitement comes through in my work. I had never heard of a Saskatoon berry before working with the Saskatoon Berry Patch, but learned much that I was able to share with their visitors.

I am open to new challenges and old. Contact me at karendixonseo@gmail.com and let me give voice to your ideas.