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Elk Lake, Michigan

Elk Lake is a beautiful lake and a boater’s paradise. A family favorite, we can often be found out on the water enjoying the sun, the swimming and the sensation of racing across its gorgeous blue surface. A large lake, Elk Lake offers you room to move. Hit the water for skiing, putting your Skidoo through its paces or take a quiet sail. You can’t make a wrong choice here. The best part, at the end of the day you can head up to the north end of the lake and grab a bite to eat in Elk Rapids. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Summer-time isn’t the only time Elk Lake offers entertainment. Some people just can’t wait for the water to freeze each year so they can head out on their ice boats and sail across its frozen surface. Even if you don’t want to jump on board one of these fast moving insect-like vehicles, it’s always fun to grab a thermos of hot chocolate and watch. Maybe chop a small hole in the ice and try your hand at fishing. Whatever your speed, Elk Lake has an activity for you.



Clam Lake, MI
Northern MI has many extraordinary lake shore choices including the real estate on Clam Lake, Michigan. Clam Lake is the smallest lake in the lower Chain of Lakes located between Torch Lake and Lake Bellaire. Its smaller size gives it an advantage in the spring as its warmer waters tend to let go of the ice sooner. Fisherman, who can’t stay off the water, greatly appreciate this advantage. The shallow marshes around Clam Lake offer great fish habitat and, with the Three Lakes Association helping to watch over the environmental concerns of the area, they should remain that way. Another big advantage to its small size is its waters tend to remain fairly calm. This entices water skiers up from Torch Lake looking for that perfect glassy surface over which to glide. Had I known about it when I was a teenager, I’d have been right there with them!


Big Blue Lake, Michigan

Big Blue Lake of Kalkaska County is really a series of three lakes. The one to the north is called North Blue Lake, the southern and smallest is called Little Blue Lake and the central and largest is known simply as Big Blue Lake. Bass Lake, not to be confused by the one near Elk Rapids, neighbors them to the south-east. Goose Creek flows south from Little Blue Lake.

Big Blue Lake (combined) has been rated one of the cleanest lakes in Michigan. A great place to look for a cabin or cottage on the waterfront. Since the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has also designated it a Trout Lake – being the predominate game fish – that can make for some delicious fish dinners.


Bear Lake, Michigan

Bear Lake in Manistee County, some 45 miles south of Traverse City, is a little gem waiting to be discovered. On its southern shore you will find Bear Lake Village which is as charming as it sounds. Nearby are Cub Lake, Mallard Lake, and Upper Black Lake, Middle Black Lake, and South Black Lake, with Black Creek between them. If you’re looking for property on or near these lakes, please consult the map search feature above.
Show up for Bear Lake Days in July  and you’ll be treated to a fishing competition, classic car show and an amazing 4th of July fireworks display. Enjoy the show from the lake shore or anchor your boat out on the water and watch them explode overhead. I dare you not to have a good time. If you are interested in buying real estate in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact Werth & Phelps of Real Estate One for assistance. They have been a trusted community resource here in Northern Michigan for years, and are available to help you find the home of your dreams.


Glen Lake, MI

Finding your next Northern MI lakeshore home on Glen Lake Michigan is easy with Lesly Werth’s New Website. Glen Lake on the Leelanau Peninsula consists of Big Glen Lake to the east and Little Glen Lake to the west. Once part of Lake Michigan, the sands that now make up the Sleeping Bear Dunes blew in over time to cut them off from the Great Lake. Little Glen Lake, being closer to Lake Michigan, is the shallower of the two as more sand filled in its bottom than in Big Glen Lake. Clear blue waters are enjoyed throughout the lake and are much appreciated by swimmers and water skiers. The town of Glen Arbor sits on the northwestern shore of Big Glen Lake and I think it’s the perfect spot from which to enjoy the area and purchase your Glen Lake MI Homes for Sale. Again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact 45th Parallel Realty.


Lake Bellaire, MI

Lake Bellaire is a 1,793 acre sports lake in the lower Chain of Lakes. Located to the east of Torch Lake, it lies near the Antrim County Airport and Blair Lake, which feeds into it through the Cedar River. When fishing its clear blue waters you may be tempted to try and reach in and catch them with your hands as you see them swimming by. I would suggest you stick to a fishing pole unless you are prepared to take a swim. It is another popular pass time in these waters, though. On dry land, you can head to the Grass River Nature Area and enjoy the 7.5 miles of trails open for guided or self tours. Spotting the abundant wildlife on shore is as much fun as fishing for it under its surface. Northern MI Waterfront Property including Lake Bellaire MI Homes for Sale can be viewed in a complete MLS map search or through the search results and property showcases.


Lake Leelanau, MI

Waterfront Property search in Northern MI by Werth & Phelps of Real Estate One includes Lake Leelanau MI Homes for Sale. Lake Leelanau is long, narrow and made up of two lakes, the North and South Lakes. It is found on the Leelanau Peninsula and has 41 miles of shoreline that offer a abundant selection of residential properties. The varying depths of the North and South Lakes provide warm and cold water fish habitats. Walleye are the predominate species and have earned themselves their own festival. The Walleye Festival is held each spring in Leland, which sits on the North Lake. Ideally located between Traverse City and the Sleeping Bear Dunes, it’s a great place to visit or live!


Skegemog Lake, Michigan

Skegemog Lake, also known as Round Lake, is more than just another sportsman’s lake. While it does house many different types of fish; Walleye, Pike, Perch, Brown Trout, Crappie, Small & Large Mouth Bass and Rock Bass, there is much more to this little lake than that. Because Lake Skegemog was essentially formed into the lake it is today by the building of the Hydro Dam in Elk Rapids, it is filled with submerged stumps and trees. Much of its shoreline consists of swamp land. While this may not sound appealing at first, these are the characteristics that make this area a wildlife wonderland.

Skegemog Lake Wildlife Area, to the east and south of the lake, has a boardwalk that will take you to a viewing platform. From there you can observe the wildlife in its natural habitat including: loons, ducks, swans, beaver and at one time, a pair of nesting Eagles. While they were there, my family always had fun searching the sky for those eagles as we cruised our way up towards Torch Lake.


Spider Lake, MI

Spider Lake MI Homes for Sale are listed below in a full MLS map search format. The Spider Lake Area includes not only Spider Lake but Rennie Lake, Arbutus Lake, Spring Lake, George Lake, Tibbets Lake, High Lake, Chandler Lake, Vandervoight Lake, Indian Lake, Island Lake and others. In an area south east of Traverse City and near the Traverse City State Forest Area, there is no easy way to pick the best one. Their waters offer fun in the form of swimming, boating and fishing. Their shorelines are great for hiking and the woods often open for hunting. So how do you know which is the best one? The only proven method that I’ve found is to pick one, spend some time having piles of fun with friends and family thus creating happy memories and you will soon be convinced that your lake is the best lake in the area and you won’t be wrong.


Torch Lake, MI

Torch Lake gets its name from the Ojibwa name Was-Wah-ponink or Lake of the Torches. Local tribes once fished by torch light to attract fish to their nets. Part of the lower Chain of Lakes, it is popular for all kinds of water sports and makes for excellent trout fishing though many other species can be found in its depths. It is the longest lake in Michigan but I confess that I find a small 2 mile portion at its southern end to be the most enjoyable. My family and I like to bring our pontoon boat up thru Torch River and anchor ourselves on the large sandbar that has formed there. The waters are very shallow and in the summer, get pleasantly warm. This beautiful lake is also much loved for its amazing turquoise color. Many people buy property along the shoreline just for that reason. Torch Lake MI Homes for Sale include some of the finest lakeshore properties available in Northern Michigan.


If you’re looking for a nice up-north cottage or cabin, or a piece of waterfront real estate, please contact Werth and Phelps of Real Estate One right away for personal, professional assistance in finding a home.