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Saskatoon Berries – What are they?

The Saskatoon berry is a plant native to North America. While gaining in popularity in Canada, they are not well known in the United States. Perfect for growing in Northern climates and friendly to a variety of soil conditions, we at the Saskatoon Berry Patch of Michigan are looking to change that.


In the U.S., Saskatoon berries are most commonly known as “service berries”. Resembling a blueberry in color and size, they are also called “June berries”, “prairie berries” and “Canadian berries”. While “berry” shows up in all those names, the Saskatoon berry is really a Pome fruit. This means it is more closely relate to the apple than the blueberry. The Saskatoon berry is blessed with a juicy flesh and core that does have a similar taste to the blueberry but with almond overtones that give it it’s unique flavor.


Rich in antioxidants, Native Americans have been using the Saskatoon berry for generations as a remedy for everything from snow-blindness to menstrual cramps. A super fruit waiting for its moment in the modern spotlight, Saskatoon berries are a delicious way to help maintain your health.


About Us



How did the Saskatoon Berry Patch get started? Jim had retired and was looking for something to keep himself busy and out of trouble. A friend who lived down state was having success growing blueberries. With a little research, Jim soon realized that the soil in his area wouldn’t be good for blueberries but Saskatoon berries, that was another story.

Having learned from experience that practice makes perfect, he and Pat decided to plant a small berry patch on a piece of property they owned in Williamsburg, Michigan. This proved to be a good move as there was a learning curve involved. Getting the right starter plants, making sure the water source was hooked up correctly, bribing grandchildren into helping with the planting; all of these and more were obstacles to be overcome if the Saskatoon Berry Patch was to bear fruit.

In 2009 things were looking good. The first patch had one more year before it would start to produce even a little fruit but the outlook was good and the time had come to expand. Another plot of land was found in Williamsburg and rows laid out. This time, with the above-mentioned experience, things went smoothly. The Saskatoon Berry Patch was taking shape with thousands of plants and room to grow.

In 2012 the test patch should give a good yield. We have plans to make and sell Saskatoon Berry Patch Jam, vinegar and are working on putting together a cookbook. Please come back to check out our website. We will have a blog to let you know what’s happening in the Berry Patch and will have soon have Saskatoon products for you to purchase and enjoy.