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The Right Real Estate Agent and Why She is Worth It

The buying or selling of a home is a major decision in anyone’s life. It involves a large financial commitment as well as a very personal one. Our homes are our sanctuaries where we create our most cherished memories. The process of buying and selling them is equal parts business decision and emotional roller coaster. A Real Estate Agent can be the stabilizing force that balances the process and leads to a successful sale or purchase.

The first step

Selecting the right Real Estate Agent for you should be the first step in buying or selling your home. Much like the process itself, the relationship you have with your Realtor® can be complicated. You need to find someone with experience and knowledge of the area you are buying or selling in but at the same time she should to be someone you can talk to and know she is hearing your concerns.

She’s doing a job

Yes, your agent will be doing a job and expect to be paid for her work but she will be working on your behalf. She will be able to guide you through costly mistakes that could quickly erode any profit you might make by not having to pay a commission. Keep in mind, commissions aren’t set in stone. While you are researching for your Realtor® be sure to ask what her policy is on this subject.


Traditionally friends, family and coworkers have been the best source for recommendations and they still are. A web search can be equally as informative. Checking out the websites of the Real Estate Agents you are considering can be an excellent way to aid in your decision. Look for a strong web presents that allows for quality marketing, access to resources and several options of contact so you can easily communicate throughout the process.

Key traits of the right Realtor®

Look at your Real Estate Agents qualifications and experience. This highly personal process should be navigated with someone you can connect to, trust and depend on to remain objective. Your Real Estate Agent will be the one to remind you that a low offer isn’t a personal attack and that ‘no’ may just mean try again. She will be willing to do the research needed to help you make your decision and be a sounding board to your concerns.

Why a Realtor® and not just a Real Estate Agent?

You should be aware that not all Real Estate Agents are Realtors®. A Realtor ® is a member of the National Association of Realtors®. As such, she subscribes to a strict code of Ethics and Standards of Practice developed and agreed on by the Association. Having a Real Estate Agent who is a Realtor® means you are working with someone who holds herself to a higher standard.